Easy Peasy Removals TAXIBOX loading and unloading manpower

Need Help with Loading or Unloading Your TAXIBOX in Melbourne?

Looking for a TAXIBOX loading or unloading service?

TAXIBOX is Australia’s most favourite and renowned mobile self-storage. It’s so popular that sometimes TAXIBOX customers refer to it not as a service but as a lifestyle.

There are many instances where getting a TAXIBOX to help you with moving or storage is the best solution. TAXIBOXes are compact, easy to store and have plenty of internal space.

We have had a number of requests from our customers to assist them with loading their items into a TAXIBOX and unloading it later. And because we also specialise in offering manpower only for moving projects, TAXIBOX loading and unloading has become quite popular over the past months.

Professional Item Loading to and Unloading from a Mobile Self-Storage

TAXIBOX Item Loading

Have you ordered a TAXIBOX but need help with loading your items? No problem, get in touch with us and our skilled removalists will come and help you.

TAXIBOX Item Unloading

If you know that you will need help with removing the items from your TAXIBOX at your new location, just get in touch with us and we will take care of unloading your belongings from the TAXIBOX.

gobox, TOPBOX Storage & Super Easy Storage

These are just some of the other popular mobile self-storage solutions. If you are from Melbourne, our handsome removalists will gladly help you with loading and/or unloading your gobox, TOPBOX Storage or Super Easy Storage, too.

Clear & simple pricing

For mobile self storage item loading and unloading, we do not charge extra for weekends, we charge less for weekdays. Fill out the free quote request on this page or call us today to obtain a free quote.

Excellent reviews

Top rated Melbourne removalist company with 4.9 Google and 5.0 Facebook star rating. Click to browse our reviews!

Handsome guys

Your mobile self storage box item loading and unloading will be handled by our good-looking men. Meet our handsome removalists! Of course, we’ll be super careful with your precious items, whether it’s furniture, electronics, appliances, paintings or any other valuable posessions.

Melbourne Mobile Self Storage Loading & Unloading FAQs

Mobile storage item loading and unloading services

How flexible are you in terms of possible dates you can attend the site?

If time is at premium, give us a call so that we can tell you the next empty slot we’ll have for your mobile storage item loading or unloading. We’ll give you an instant quote and try to be available for the date and time you’ll need us.

How long in advance should I ideally make my booking?

We at Easy Peasy offer same day Melbourne TAXIBOX loading and unloading services. However, it is always wise to make your booking at least one to two weeks before the actual date. This will enable us to make the necessary arrangements and avoid inconveniencing you.

Can I cancel my TAXIBOX loading and unloading service booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking. However, according to our cancellations policy, if you ask for cancellation or alteration of the dates within 48 hours of the job, you will have to cater for any additional expenses or losses incurred.

How long will the item loading or unloading take?

Mobile storage item loading and unloading is a pretty straightforward process. The factors involved are the number of TAXIBOXes, nature of your household items, access to your house and distance from the TAXIBOX to the front door.  Our main aim is to see to it that you are moved efficiently and most importantly, safely.

When am I supposed to make payments?

All agreed upon payments should be cleared upon the completion of the TAXIBOX item loading or unloading. However, for delayed payments, we reserve the right to add a daily 5% administration fee to the total amount.

Can I offer my help to save some money?

Yes, sure, you can join our team; more hands translates to less time. However, you must be aware that in case of any damages caused by your involvement, we are not liable.

Does Easy Peasy have insurance?

For pickups and drop-offs, we have Public Liability Insurance. Moreover, we can offer a “break and repair guarantee” depending on the items we have agreed to move.

However, the following terms must be applied for you to be covered by our guarantee:

  • Items to be removed from your house by our professionals
  • Packaging and wrapping done by our removalists
  • You MUST report any damages before we complete the job
  • The said items must be listed on the signed contract as guaranteed

Our moving professionals are well-trained and ready to offer safe furniture removals.

Ready to discuss your mobile storage item loading or unloading with us?