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Packing and Unpacking are two sides of the same coin when it comes to moving your home or office. Often when we are moving places, we tend to pack things in a hurry which leads to their unorganized packing and also a bigger headache is the phase of unpacking when we tend to misplace, mix and forget where we put a particular object or confusion of the contents of one box with some other.

It is to rescue you out of a situation like this that Easy Peasy comes to your help as we do not only have removalists to move your contents but also a team of packers and wrappers who does item and room-wise pack and unwrap of your belongings that makes it really simple and easy for you to organize your new place in no time.

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We are your preferred partner when it comes to packing and unpacking while moving to a new office or home. Specialising in Melbourne Bayside & CBD removals, Easy Peasy Removals is a moving company that guarantees the safe moving of your equipment through professional packing and unpacking services. We have invested in all the necessary equipment to make sure that all your items are correctly packed for moving.

House packing services

When moving to a new home, packing and unpacking can be quite a challenge. This is because of the extreme care that some of the household items require. We at Easy Peasy are dedicated to free you from that nightmare. We have a team of packing and unpacking specialist that understand all the principles of packing, including labelling. We have employed carpenters that will offer safe furniture removals ensuring that there are no damages caused in the process. Most amazingly, our job is not done until we have professionally fixed back your furniture at your new home.

Office packing services

In Melbourne, we are known for our professionalism when it comes to packing your office items during relocation. Planning an office removal can be quite a job, therefore we schedule our packing and unpacking exercise at your convenience to not interrupt your normal office operations in any way.

We have a team that will professionally pack and wrap all your furniture and electrical appliances for moving. You should never worry about any damages during the process of packing and unpacking activity. We are liable for the damages as long as you comply with our terms and conditions.

Affordable packing and unpacking services

At Easy Peasy Removals, we do not expect any packing material from you; we have enough supply of packing materials including specialty boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, labels, packing paper and packing tape. If you want to do the packing on your own, we also put all these materials at your disposal since safe moving is our number one priority. Our expert packing and wrapping team is free to supervision from you; thus feel free to stick around and watch as they pack or unpack your items.

Look no further, Easy Peasy Removals is your reliable moving partner!

Packing and Moving Services

If you are looking for a packing and moving service, we are here for you. We’ll help you pack your belongings, move them to your destination and then, if you wish, help you unpack. We know how much you need to arrange when moving homes or office and so making it just a bit easier for you is our priority. Request a free quote for your Packing and moving service by filling out the form and we’ll be in touch with you asap!

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