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House moving could be a stressful job if little details are not taken into consideration, especially if item wise planning is not done.

Our experienced staff helps you to move your house and other important belongings with ease as our removalists do a detailed planning of every individual possession of yours. Easy Peasy Removals believes in meticulously planning your house move with end to end perfection.

So, if you’re thinking of house moving in Melbourne, be sure to give us a call and/or request a quote for your house moving.

Professional Experience

No hidden fees

We do not charge depot fee, travel time, fuel fee (Melbourne metro only), stairs fee, etc. for  house removals. Check out our fees & pricing.

Clear & simple pricing

We charge less for weekdays than for weekends. Weekday rate: Mon – Thu, Weekend rate: Fri – Sat.

Excellent reviews

Top rated Melbourne removalist company with 4.9 Google and 5.0 Facebook star rating. Click to browse our reviews!

Handsome guys

Your house will be moved by our good-looking men. Meet our handsome removalists!

Melbourne House Moving FAQs

How do I know that I have found a reliable house moving company in Melbourne?

We understand your fear of trusting just any company to handle your house moving. However, you can clear your doubts by going through all our 100% genuine testimonials and reviews from our previous clients. We use customer feedback to make our services better. Moreover, a reliable moving company will offer its customers: reasonable rates, a wide range of professional moving services and most amazingly, free estimates.

How long in advance should I make my booking?

We at Easy Peasy offer same day Melbourne house moving services. However, it is always wise to make your booking at least one to two weeks before the actual moving date. This will enable us to make the necessary arrangements and avoid inconveniencing you.

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking. However, according to our cancellations policy, if you ask for cancellation or alteration of the dates within 48 hours of job, you will have to cater for any additional expenses or losses incurred.

How long will moving take?

House moving time depends on several factors such as the number and nature of your household items, access to your house and distance of the parking area to the front door. That said, our rough estimates are as follows:

  • One bedroom: 1-2 hours
  • Two Bedrooms: 2-4 hours
  • Three Bedrooms: 4-6 hours
  • Four to Five Bedrooms: 6-8 hours

Our main aim is to see to it that you are moved efficiently and most importantly, safely.

When am I supposed to make payments?

All agreed upon payments should be cleared upon the completion of the house moving contract. However, for delayed payments, we reserve the right to add a daily 5% administration fee on the total amount.

Can I offer my help to save some money?

Yes, sure, you can join our team; more hands translates to less time. However, you must be aware that in case of any damages caused by your involvement, we are not liable.

Does Easy Peasy have insurance?

For pickups and drop-offs, we have a Public Liability Insurance. Moreover, we can offer a “break and repair guarantee” depending on the items we have agreed to move.

However, the following terms must be applied for you to be covered by our guarantee:

  • Items to be removed from your house and transported by our professionals
  • Packaging and wrapping done by our removalists
  • You MUST report any damages before we complete the job
  • The said items must be listed on the signed contract as guaranteed

Our moving professionals are well-trained and ready to offer safe furniture removals.

Ready to discuss your Melbourne house moving?