Home & Office Moving Pricing


Easy Peasy Removals 4T Moving Truck


1-2 Bedrooms / Small Office

2 Men & 4T Truck
Capacity 18m3
Average Time 2-4 Hrs

Easy Peasy Removals 6T Moving Truck


2-3 Bedrooms / Medium Office

2 Men & 6T Truck
Capacity 28m3
Average Time 3-4 Hrs

Easy Peasy Removals 8T Moving Truck


3-4 Bedrooms / Medium Office

2 Men & 8T Truck
Capacity 32m3
Average Time: 4-6 Hrs

10T 2 men Moving Truck


4-5 Bedrooms / Medium Office

2 Men & 10T Truck
Capacity 42m3
Average Time 5-8 Hrs

Easy Peasy Removals 12T Moving Truck


4-5 Bedrooms / Large Office

2 Men & 12T Truck
Capacity 57m3
Average Time 8-10 Hrs

weekday rates: Monday – Thursday
weekend rates (+ $11/hr): Friday – Saturday
Sunday and Public holiday rates apply

We offer a 7% discount on weekday moving (Monday – Thursday)

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Pricing Terms and Conditions

All prices include GST
Extra man – $50/hr
Heavy item fee – $110
Minimum charge is 2 hours, past 2 hours 1 minute increments
Piano fee $165
Pool table fee $220
Balcony lift fee $220
See full Terms & Conditions

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No Sure Which Van or Truck You Need?

How big are our moving trucks and which one to choose?

Have a look at our moving trucks: We have the perfect van or truck size for you, whether you are moving a few items only or a big house or office. Let's see what the capacity of our trucks is in cubic metres (m3) and how many items you could load into each one. To help you with calculating the volume needed, you might want to check out our Cubic Metre Calculator.

Choosing the right van or truck size is the alpha and omega for saving on your moving cost. If you choose a truck that is too big for you, you end up paying more for your removal as you are paying for a bigger vehicle that you won't use to its full capacity. At the other hand, if you book a truck that is too small for you, we might need to return to your pick up location twice which will again increase the cost. But do not worry, we will recommend you the best van or truck size once you make an initial enquiry.

Our van with 18 cubic metres capacity

2T Moving Van - 10m3

You can fit 10m3 in our 2T moving van. It's designed to move a few pieces of furniture, a smaller number of moving boxes etc. You can expect the average moving time with our van to be around 1-2 hours. The price for this moving service is $110/hr.
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Our 4T moving truck with 18m3 capacity

4T Moving Truck - 18m3

Our 4T truck can fit 18 m3 of your furniture and belongings. The 2 Men & a 4T Truck service is recommended for moving a smaller apartment or office. You can expect an average moving time of 2-4 hours. The price for this moving service is $132/hr.
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38m3 8T removalist truck

8T Moving Truck - 32m3

More than double the space of its smaller sibling, our 8T truck can fit in 32 cubic metres. The 2 Men & a 8T Truck service is recommended for moving a larger apartment, smaller house or a medium sized office. Average moving time is of 4-6 hours. The cost is $176/hr.
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42m3 10T removalist truck

10T Moving Truck - m3

This 10T truck can handle moving of 4 or 5 bedrooms or a medium sized office and has the capacity of 42 cubic metres. This moving service with our 2 removalists can take somewhere between 5 to 8 hours and will cost you $198/hr.
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57 cubic metres 12T removalist truck

12T Moving Truck - 57m3

This is the biggest moving truck we have - it can fit up to 12T and 57m3 of your furniture and belongings. It's used to move larger homes and offices. The average moving time is between 8 and 10 hours and this removal service costs $209/hr.
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