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Moving house can indeed be a daunting task, and for individuals with disabilities, the challenges can be even more significant. Choosing a Sydney removalist that caters to special needs is crucial to ensuring a smooth, safe, and stress-free moving experience.

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    People We Helped Move in Sydney

    Thousands of Sydney removal jobs have been successfully accomplished, including numerous moves for individuals with disabilities who rely on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
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    Why Us for Sydney NDIS Removals

    We make moving home in Sydney easier for people with disabilities.

    Our removalists use modern, well-equipped trucks with powerful hydraulic lifts and professional tools and equipment, ensuring they can handle even the heaviest items with ease.

    Trusted Company for NDIS Sydney Removals

    We are a trusted Sydney moving company committed to supporting the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). If you - or someone you are assisting - is receiving financial support from NDIS for moving, we’re here to help.

    We Understand the Challenges

    Our friendly and knowledgeable office team are happy to guide you through the moving process, highlighting specific requirements and tailoring the service for your particular needs. We coordinate all aspects of your Sydney NDIS move, so you have less to worry about.

    Moving NDIS Clients in Sydney

    Safe moving and transportation of expensive mobility equipment, such as hospital beds. Our Sydney movers are more than just muscle - while they certainly have plenty of strength, they are also polite and cheerful, ensuring a positive experience for all our clients.

    Transparent Pricing You Can Show to NDIS

    We ensure transparency by offering a detailed price breakdown for the Sydney moving service, whether for yourself or the person you're assisting. This breakdown includes the size of the truck needed, the number of removalists, hourly rates, and any additional services opted for.

    The Challenges of Moving Home in Sydney

    We understand that there are certain challenges for people with disabilities when moving their Sydney home. We are are of these and have processes in place to make the move as easy as possible for NDIS clients.

    How to Make Moving House Easier for People with Disability

    Hiring a moving company specialising in assisting people with disabilities can be incredibly helpful, as they possess the necessary experience and equipment to facilitate the move smoothly. It's essential to communicate any special requirements to the moving company well in advance. Additionally, reaching out to disability support organizations like the NDIS for assistance and advice can provide valuable support throughout the moving process.
    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a significant initiative by the Australian government aimed at supporting people with disabilities. It offers funding and assistance tailored to individual needs, and goals. Through NDIS, individuals with disabilities can access personalised funding packages, which can be utilized for various disability-related services including healthcare, therapy, personal care, and aids such as equipment and technology.

    Valuable Assistance from NDIS to Individuals

    By leveraging the support and resources available through the NDIS, individuals with disabilities can navigate the process of moving home in Sydney more effectively, ensuring a smoother transition and improved quality of life in their new environment.
    • Funding Support: The NDIS offers funding packages tailored to individual needs. This funding can be used to cover expenses associated with the move, such as hiring specialised removalists, purchasing assistive equipment for the new home, or accessing support services during the transition.
    • Assistance with Planning: NDIS participants can work with support coordinators or NDIS planners to develop a comprehensive plan for the Sydney move. This plan can outline specific needs, preferences, and goals related to the relocation process, ensuring that adequate support is in place.
    • Access to Services: The NDIS provides access to a wide range of disability-related services that can support individuals during the moving process. This may include assistance with packing and unpacking, transportation to the new home, or support with settling into the new environment.
    • Equipment and Technology Aids: NDIS funding can be used to purchase specialised equipment or technology aids that may be necessary for the individual’s mobility, communication, or independence in the new home. This could include items such as ramps, grab rails, or communication devices.
    • Continuity of Care: For individuals receiving ongoing support services, the NDIS can help ensure continuity of care during the transition period. This may involve arranging for support workers or therapists to continue providing services in the new Sydney location.