Delivery & Assembly of Homecare Beds

Our team specialises in moving, delivery and assembly of adjustable beds for elderly – mobility/disability/homecare beds (Icare, Activ Care, Caremed).

We work with individuals, hospitals, aged care facilities and homecare suppliers, taking care of the removals, delivery, assembly, disassembly and relocation of homecare beds.

Request a relocation of your individual bed or partner with us and let us take care of deliveries and relocation of electric homecare beds.

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References from Homecare Suppliers and Individuals

Thousands of Melbourne removal jobs successfully accomplished including weekly deliveries of homecare beds such as Icare medical IC333 beds and similar and dozens of people with disabilities relying on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
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Moving homes, moving into aged care or selling a homecare bed?

If you require removal of a homecare bed for any of these scenarios (or any other), you can rely on us.

Easy Peasy Removals specialise in relocation of homecare beds (Icare IC333, ComfiMotion Activ Care, Caremed single EN7 Bed, Hi/Low beds…) – we will help with the disassembly (if required), removal and reassembly of your bed in the new location.

Moving Into a New Home

If you're moving homes, you surely want to take your mobility bed with you. Whether it's Icare, Activ Care, Caremed or another brand, we've got you covered.

Buying a Home Care Bed

Bought a new home care bed and require its delivery and assembly? Our team are experts in the delivery of homecare beds - whether it's your house, apartment or a facility, we'll deliver the bed to you.

Entering Aged Care

Moving into aged care? No worries! We will make sure that your electric adjustable bed comes with you. Whether it's the IC333 bed, Activ Care or EN7 Bed, we will move it for you.

Seling Your Adjustable Bed

If you no longer require your adjustable bed and found a new buyer, let us take care of its relocation. We'll make arrangements with the buyer, deliver the bed to them and show them how to operate it.

Adjustable Beds We Deliver and Assemble

We specialise in delivering and assembly of a whole range of medical equipment including disability and mobility beds. Our delivery and assembly service for adjustable beds for the elderly ensures a hassle-free experience. Our professional team will deliver and expertly assemble the bed in the comfort of the senior’s home, ensuring it’s ready for immediate use. This thoughtful service not only saves time and effort but also provides peace of mind, allowing elderly individuals to enjoy the benefits of their new adjustable bed without any inconvenience.
The IC333 Homecare Bed stands out in terms of both functionality and robustness. This four-function bed boasts two dual lift motors, providing unrestricted under-bed clearance and eight heavy-duty castors. IC333 bed is crafted to enhance sleep quality and independence. Icare beds are the most common homecare beds we help deliver and assemble.
The Activ Care adjustable bed seamlessly integrates top-tier in-home care functionality, precise positioning, and low-height safety features with a luxurious and contemporary design, all aimed at elevating comfort, care, and overall well-being. The features of the Activ Care adjustible bed include Ultra Low Height, 250 kg Safe Working Load, Customisable Safe Entry/Exit Height and more.
The EN7 series bed is a versatile bed suitable for a wide range of care levels, including low care, high care, and bariatric care. Distinguished by its utilization of Linak motors and the absence of towers, the EN7 offers improved visibility and ease of patient monitoring. If you require delivery and assembly of EN7 beds, get in touch with us.

Why Our Partners Choose Us for Delivery and Assembly of Adjustable Beds, Medical Beds

We move homecare beds on a weekly basis for a range of our partners including hospitals, aged care, homecare suppliers, and individuals.

Our team specialise in homecare beds (Icare IC333, ComfiMotion Activ Care, Caremed single EN7 Bed, Hi/Low beds…) and will help with their delivery, assembly and/or relocation.

Trusted Moving Company for Homecare Suppliers

We are a trusted local moving company committed to supporting homecare suppliers (Icare, Activ Care, Caremed, ...), hospitals, and aged care facilities, helping them provide the highest level of service.

Supporting the Client

The team will pick up the orders/beds from either the distribution centre or supplier and deliver to each client. The team will always call the client with arrival updates during the day.

Adjustable Beds Delivery

The team delivers the bed to the client and install the foot/headboard, the hand rails and will demonstrate to the client how to operate. Whether it's the IC333 bed, Activ Care or EN7 Bed, we've got you covered.

Adjustable Beds Relocation

The team can also relocate existing beds to an alternative room. This means the team will dismantle the existing bed (remove the head/foot board and handrails) and either replace or switch with the new bed.