Complete moving house checklist

The Complete Moving House Checklist

A complete and thorough moving checklist is a critical component to pulling off a stress and hassle-free move. When you have a detailed moving house checklist, packing all of your items and moving interstate or locally becomes a step-by-step process. Our comprehensive moving house checklist will help you successfully move …

Moving yourself vs hiring professional movers

Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers

The moving process comes with a huge amount of choices. Which house to buy, which realty company to hire, and which furniture to take with you are all hard decisions to consider. If you add in the choice of hiring movers or moving yourself, it’s no wonder you can quickly get overwhelmed and have no idea…

Easy Peasy Removals DIY moving tips

9 Easy DIY Moving Tips

If you plan on moving by yourself, you could save money. However, it’s essential that you plan for this process, so you don’t end up short on time. It can be stressful if you’re unsure how to move, and you’re usually on a strict timeline. But you’re not alone — every week, dozens of people take on this task by themselves using a host of tips for moving to help smooth the process out.